Important Updates & Information

Update25.8.2018/1 - Overflow Alarm Water Sensor Air-holes
 Update 24.8.2018/1- Making Air-holes in Overflow Alarm Sensors 
1) Air-holes can also be made by piercing wall with any sharp edge or by pushing heated screw driver or knife.
2)  While making holes using knife or screw driver please make sure to keep yourself safe.
3) If you find above difficult, please just send us your invoice OR order number we shall send a tested ok sensor set to you free of any charge.
We at SensaSwitch, deeply apologize for above and any trouble you may have faced due to this issue. But please remain assured that we are committed to stand by you in ensuring that you get full value for your money and also peace of mind - Business Owner, SensaSwitch (e) Systems India.