LIGHT SENSOR SWITCHES (Currently, Out Of Stock, being upgraded)

SensaSwitch light sensor switch is smart way to save lot of electricity by providing lighting only when it is needed. Light sensor switch makes lights ON, when it becomes dark after sunset and swicthes lights OFF automatically in the morning to avoid any wastage due to day lighting.

 light photo sensor switch
  • No tedious time setting or programming required for ON and OFF times
  • No need to adjust timing for seasonal variation (summer and winter)
  • Factory set to make lights ON, 30-45 minutes after sunset
  • Factory set to make lights OFF, 30-45 minutes before sunrise 
  • Any lighting load (bulb / CFL/ tube light) up to load rating can be connected
  • LSS-100 for lighting load up to 100 watts, LSS-300 for lighting load up to 300 wattPlease

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This simple lighting automation is very useful to make your home count among the most modern with lights coming up automatically when its get dark after sunset. When used for gate lights and gardens this automation is sure to impress your guests by your advanced concerns about your home and electricity saving.

Public and commercial lighting is also one such area where this automation is highly useful. Automating streets lighting is important to keep your area well lit for public as well as security reasons. This automation also ensures that commercial lighting, such as glow signs work always to get you maximum of visibility, without any wastage of electricity


Gate Lighting

Garden Lighting

Public Lighting

Commercial Lighting


Light sensor switch is used by some smart people for even smarter uses, such as automating an indoor light when away from home, to keep the unknowns guessing about your presence at home. Some use it to make sure that inhouse place of worship is enlightened always, even when they themselves are not able to do so. Automating outdoor festival lighting also makes sense to many people, while many also use light sensor switch for inhouse decorative lights and lamps for convenience or to create a particular ambience. So its really up to users to use it to enjoy enlightened environments and electricity savings.