Controls For Special Public & Industrial Water Works

Control Model - APLC-3
waste water ETP / wtp automation

Auto Pit Level Control Model APLC-3 is to automate pump down (empty) the water tank pits. It is most suited to waste water treatment plant (WTP/ETP) automation in private and public water works. It starts pumping water out when water level reaches high level in pit and it stop water pumping when water level in pit goes low.

  • Control  Toggle to disable control and run pump manually if needed.
  • Auto Toggle to disable automatic start function and work work only auto stop function
  • Water sensor sets supplied to water quality specified (processed/ raw/ waste)
  • Easy to understand and install with mains power and water sensor signal connectors.

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Control Model - DRP-3  
SEWAGE well pump protector

Dry Run Protector (Model-DRP-3) is semi-automatic control to protect 3 phase heavy duty pump sets from dry running. These controls are most used in public (storm / sewage) & industrial (WTP/ ETP) treatment plants. DRP control stops water pump when water level in the underground pit / well goes low, start remains manual.

Control Model - OCG-1  
 water level gauge

Overflow Control Gauge Model OCG-1 indicates full, half and low water level positions in tank. OCG-1 also provides overflow level actuated output, which can be used to connect extra audio / visual alarm or lamps at sites with special needs due to very noisy or distance from water tank location.

Can be installed independently from pump starter location
Output for siren / high light lamp at noisy and distant water tanks
Output bypass toggle switch to enable or disable extra siren / lamp
Supplied with water sensors as per specified water type (raw/ processed/waste)

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