A reliable water level control device ensures plenty of water with peace of mind. It eliminates all kind of water shortage worries and wastage of water and electricity due to overflows. But key word is "reliability", that comes into our devices from control cicuits, tested and refined for years over thousands of users and our committment to be masters in this trade. The following special features make our devices stand above than ordinary 

  • Fully safe and successful range controls for every type of user need, pump set and pumping system.
  • Technically correct and robust controls for single phase and three phase pumps and starters.
  • Especially fabricated set of maintenance free water sensors for raw/processed/waste water applications.
  • Easy to install and service with general electrical know how, tools and sensaswitch support.
  • Elegant outlook with easy to under stand indications, user friendly features and after sale support.

Overflow Alarm

Overflow Auto-stops

Automatic Level Controls

Special Controls



A light sensor switch is smart and sensible way to save electricity by operating lights only when needed. It makes lights ON, when it becomes dark after sunset, it also swicthes lights OFF automatically in the morning to avoid any wastage due to day lighting.

  • No tedious time setting or programming required for ON and OFF times
  • Factory set to make lights ON, 30-45 minutes after sunset
  • Factory set to make lights OFF, 30-45 minutes before sunrise 
  • LSS-100 for lighting load up to 100 watts, LSS-300 for lighting load up to 300 watt
  • Any lighting load (bulb / CFL/ tube light) up to load rating can be connected

Gate Lights

Garden Lights 

Street Lights 

Glow Signs