Complete range of most refined and reliable water level controls

overflow auto-stopper control automatic overhead water pump control automatic water pump controller auto-stop at tank full

Overflow Control Systems

Automatic Overhead Tank Control

Automatic Water Lifting Controls

  Public / Industrial Water Controls

With SensaSwitch you can start with a water level alarm bell (OCA) which will sound music when water tank reaches full level and in case you can not afford to standby till the alarm sounds you can buy an overflow auto-stop controls (OC series) which will automatically stop water pump motor when water goes full. If you want no hassle or hurry regarding water pumping then fully automatic overhead tank control (ALC series) will do that for you, it will start water pump when overhead water tank goes low and stop pump when water tank reaches full level. If you are bothered by lifting water up from a lower (underground/ground level) water tank to overhead tank then an automatic water lifter control (AWLC series) will do this for you perfectly to let you live with plenty of water and peace of mind. Now all these controls are available for single phase pump sets in homes and offices as well for high capacity III phase pump sets  at public and industrial water works. SensaSwitch controls for Public / Industrial water works are supplied with specially fabricated water sensors which are guaranteed to work maintenance free over years. Controls meant for public and industrial OHSR, RO/DM, ETP, WASTE water conditions are made specially robust and reliable to work reliably over years.