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Alarm At The Entry (2015)

Updated: Jan 23

Dear Friends, we started selling online on AMAZON in 2018 and with current FY 2021-22 nearing completion, we are about to achieve many a milestone in our journey. With more then 3000 ratings and reviews at 4.3 our top selling item, have made SensaSwitch being counted as one top brand in water level alarms and automation. So I am just noting down on my blog, what high and lows we have faced and importantly how AMAZON has proved to be an engine of growth for us and many more people like us from small cities.

You will be surprised to know that our most simple and most sold device SensaSwitch - Overflow Alarm was the last to be added to our range of water level alarms and automation. Before that, since 2005 we had been manufacturing high end water level control automations for high end markets. Doing that was essential to survive then, as then water level control devices were more of a novelty then necessity. With sustained quality and reliability, we earned goodwill that made us known for reliable products and people support. Now, with thousands of patrons, we wished to enlarge our footprint. And so was born the idea of a device which costs less but is of such high quality that it sends alarm bells ringing in market.

The idea was SensaSwitch -OCA.

Having made it like a master piece, we were confident and thought it will be cake walk to get this device to market, but we were in to learn. In 2016-2017, we took SensaSwitch-OCA, to about 10 cities, talked to tens of shops but sold just about 200 devices in two years. It was like "no sale". All appreciated quality of product but had more suggestions then sales. Reduce price, reduce quality, reduce warranty etc etc. But such ideas made no sense to us. We put this product on hold. Sill had hundreds of devices in stock. What to do? The answer to that was what finally made alarm bells ringing in market and that is what we shall share in Chapter-2.

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