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SensaSwitch: Growing Sales & Goodwill Across India

Water concern is present all across India, resulting in SensaSwitch shipping to 35 states across India (excepting only Lakhsdeep islands). The variation in sales figures are mainly attributed to population, prosperity, internet penetration and presence of logistical network of online market places. Top-10 states contribute nearly 70% of total sales and have following share in what these top-10 states contribute

Top water concern of buyers is stopping overflows, resulting in overflow alarms contributing about 93% of sales. Overflow control alarm model OCA (launched in 2018) continues to be hero product with 91% contribution to sales. AWLC contributing 4% sales is special case as it is mostly sold offline through technical network of SensaSwitch. Overflow auto-stopper launched in 2021 is another emerging star with rising rank and sales due to rising market standing and maturity of markets.

SensaSwitch sales are driven by excellent feedback by buyers. SensaSwitch hero, overflow control alarm model OCA is today best rated and reviewed water level alarm on both AMAZON and FLIPKART. All of SensaSwitch products launched so far are rated above 4.3 (out of 5). This collective goodwill being accumulated is fast turning SensaSwitch into a leader brand in the water level alarms and automation.

Having said above, it is worth mentioning that the real action is yet to begin as SensaSwitch is currently very placed in online market places with a credible range of water level controls and water sensors. So keep in touch SensaSwitch has lot exciting news and offers to help you save tubs of water and tens of electricity units, everyday. Yes it is what India and world needs. Lets rise to level next - SensaSwitch.

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