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Talk of The Home Town - Patiala

Patiala is our home ground and also our laboratory where we develop and field test most of our products within a network of close technicians. In more than two decades we have also developed such bonding with our buyers that almost 100% of our business in Patiala city is driven by repeats and referrals. The road wise spread looks like as below

A granular look at above clusters displays the social structure of Patiala. Rikhidev Marg is dominated by military officers and Bhupindra road is business dominated area. Both had been exceptional in rooting for SensaSwitch. Have a look at SensaSwitch hot spots in these clusters

Patiala being ground water pumping (submersible pump) area, majority of buyers ask for automatic devices to control overhead water tank level. Overflow auto-stopper being top choice followed by fully automatic controls.

Our grounding of Patiala, grinding of Tri-city is helping us grow and become go to brand all across India for water level indicator devices, water level alarms and automatic water pump controls. And yes, we have a long way to go yet but we are very sure this is the way to go. We are making sure that our buyers also move along, including you. Wish you subscribe to our newsletter to know about special offers and developments inside works.

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