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Talk of The Town - Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali)

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

Tricity, has been the testing ground for SensaSwitch for its advanced range of water level controls and sensors. Reason being its where we found willingness and ability for our quality water pump automation back in 2003. Since then a lot of water has flown through the water pumps and a lot has been saved from overflowing into the drains. About 3000 homes opted to improve their homes to match up to their concerns about water.

Chandigarh being the prime market, we focused on it with guerrilla marketing and found pockets of city where water happened to be a big concern. We found people there also had big pockets like their heart. The journey had just started then.

Panchkula being business dominated area was a different market. There word of mouth traveled much faster. We found patrons, who put us on hard grind while coming on board but once they were in they kept pouring contacts of their near and dear ones. It was like shower of blessings, which kept growing

Mohali was our base camp, with our office in ELTOP Area, Phase-VIII, Industrial Area. To our good luck we found we are just sitting next to emerging market. Phase-7, Phase -3A,3B1,3B2 and Sec-71 were hot spots then. Though our products seemed pricey but people of Mohali were so generous, that we do not remember any hard bargain. But yes we used our vicinity to justify our prices and buyers generosity.

The above data has so many memories engrossed in it that it is hard to put all on board. There were people who were no less then angles to us. If you are using water pump control there is very good chance that you may be a sensaswitch user and also may be you or one of your near and dear is our patron.

SensaSwitch has its long standing partners supporting sensaswitch automation users in tricity. For any queries and support we request sensaswitch users to please call /whatsapp SensaSwitch helpline 9814055314 from 9am -6pm, Monday to Saturday.

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