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The Beginning - 1996-2001 - Crafting An Idea Into A Credible Product

Updated: Sep 2

Back in 1996 an instrumentation scientist retied as Head of University Sciences & Instrumentation Center (USIC) Punjabi University, Patiala. He being a PhD in Electronics and having vast exposure to various scientific methods and techniques was presented with by some of his colleagues a problem that were faced by a few people then. The problem was about sensing water level in water tank and hence help control water pumps to stop


Many a people have tried by then and many a circuits were published in popular electronics magazines (like EFY) but most of the circuits were good for science projects only as they lacked on reliability and durability - the two must haves for any product especially of alarm and automation kind.

S. Gurmej Singh, the retired technocrat understood the nature of problem and took it upon himself to design in reliability and durability, so that the idea can be crafted into product that can perform to buyers satisfaction. It took almost 5 years of to build water sensing circuits and technique to reach a level where products can be explored for commercial potential.

By 2001 Punjab homes were replacing motorized gearbox pump sets and jet pumps with submersible pumps. But still there were few buyers for product in interior Punjab as water was not big concern then. So, Tri-city (Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula) was selected as market test market, as there was more need, willingness and ability to opt for such quality, as offered by then our brand name "aquasens". The product leaf shows, what was products like then. Tri-city was tried with some out of box advertisement and publicity ideas. The methods and the result makes for our next writing- 2001- 2005 Creating A Part Time Business With Credible Product.

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