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Automating TOP-1-Plus Water Storage

Updated: Jul 27

TOP-1+ is a very common water storage system, where in addition to one water tank at the top level, there are one or more water storage tanks at lower levels, connected to water delivery pipeline coming from pump set . Homes using solar water heating systems are typical to have such water storage systems.

At domestic level due to smaller pumps (1hp-2hp) lower level water tanks are fitted with ball cocks to control water inflow, while top tank inlet is kept free. But for large water tanks with heavy duty (3-phase) pump water works, inline gate valves are preferred. So water storage of a large housing complex or industry with TOP-1+ type storage will be as in diagram.Water tanks A,B and C are manually selected by gate valves and filled with a single pump. The gate valves are a bottleneck in automating the water works at site.

To make site ready for automation, the gate valves need to be made redundant by making red encircled changes

  • A siphon is installed inside top tank to keep water pipeline remain always filled.

  • Ball cocks are fitted inside LOWER LEVEL tank to control water inflow.

  • A non-return valve must be there to stop water from flowing back.

  • All gate valves remain open to allow water to flow from top to lower water tanks.

Once above changes are made, the storage systems is ready for automation. Water sensors shall be fitted in top level tank C and automatic water pump controller will automatically start and stop water pump to maintain water level in top tank between low (start) level sensors and full (stop) level sensors. Water tanks A&B shall always remain full by letting in water from siphon supplied pipeline. At public / industrial water works site the suggested system in highly beneficial as it removes all worries related to water pumping. The suggested water storage system correction has been has been used by SensaSwitch in automation of numerous public / industrial water works sites.

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