Auto Water Lifter Control Model AWLC-1

Auto Water Lifter Control Model AWLC-1

SKU: SensaSwitch-AWLC1

SensaSwitch AWLC-1, automatically lifts water from lower water tank to overhead water tank. It starts pump when overhead is low and lower tank (under ground/ ground floor) has sufficient water. It stops water pump when overhead tank reaches full level or lower tank becomes empty. 


Important Product Features

  • Easy to connect input/output connectors
  • Ready to use pre-connected water sensor sets
  • Maintenance free water sensors, no cleaning needed
  • Low water level indication for upper and lower tanks
  • Selectable auto / manual mode 


Application & Technical Specifications

  • Control for single phase (220 volts ac), single ON/OFF type switch operated pump sets up to 1 hp or 5 amps of current load.
  • Water sensors suited to raw (unprocessed) water within 5-50 degree Celcius temperature range.


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