Testimonials, about us on our own website, does not make much sense. Whats makes sense is, what most of buyers say about our products and us on India's top online market places like AMAZON and FLIPKART.

Bhupinder Singh, Co-Founder & Owner


SensaSwitch - Overflow alarm was the first of our products, to go online on AMAZON in 2018. Today it is one of the highest rated and reviewed product on amazon. Click here to see in real time what buyers say about it.

Snapshot- SensaSwitch-OCA on Amazon


Started selling on FLIPKART in year 2019. Since then it has gained to go on page-1 just by the goodwill and words of buyers. Click here to know what buyer's say and share about our products and us.

Snapshot- SensaSwitch-OCA on Flipkart