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Our Policies

Most of time we work by good faith with a wish to create a good experience to you and goodwill for us. To safeguard good faith and goodwill we also follow good business practices, as having well stated policies about following

& refund


website use & data safety

It always better for peace of mind  to click here and know more about policies.

Business Credentials

We follow good business practices and fully comply with India government regulations. Our following credentials convey our commitment to our business and also our concern to guard our hard earned goodwill.

In addition to above, our biggest credential is your good words captured in best ratings and reviews of our business and products. We hope you will surely favor us to save water. Click here, start saving water.

GST (Regd. 28.9.2017)

UDYAM  (Regd. 1.9.2020)

Trademark  (Regd. 26.3.2019)


Insights is our blog where we share high value information about application of our products and business. We share basic know how to control water tank and water pumps at sites. We also share how SensaSwitch is catching up as new way of saving water. As a surprise we also share insights to have high sense of earth and environment.

water work basics

special site solutions

talk of the town

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