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sensaswitch automatic water pump control

SensaSwitch - Automatic Overhead - Water Level Control Model-AOLC


SensaSwitch automatic water pump control model AOLC ends all overhead water tank worries. It automatically starts pump motor when overhead water tank level goes low and stops water pump automatically when water tank reaches full level. Automatic water pump control is most needed for high water consmptions homes, offices and institutions. *Plug n' Play Design To Let You Do It Yourself (DIY) Installation


Important Product Features

  • Easy to connect, input power cord
  • Easy to understand elegant panel features
  • Safely covered, motor connection terminals
  • Ready to use Water Sensor Set (3pc pre-connected)


Application & Technical Specifications

  • Control for single phase (220 volts ac), single ON/OFF type switch operated pump sets up to 2 hp or 10 amps of current load.
  • Water sensors suited to raw (unprocessed) water within 5-50 degree Celcius temperature range.


Product Support Information

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