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sensaswitch automatic water lifting pump control

SensaSwitch - Automatic Water Lifter Pump Control, Model AWLC

SKU: SensaSwitch-AWLC

SensaSwitch- automatic water lifter pump control for pumps lifting water from underground sumps to overhead water tank. Automatic pump control, starts pump when overhead is low and lower tank (sump) has sufficient water. It stops water pump when overhead tank reaches full level or lower tank becomes empty. 


Important Product Features

  • Easy to connect input/output connectors
  • Ready to use pre-connected water sensor sets
  • Maintenance free water sensors, no cleaning needed
  • Low water level indication for upper and lower tanks
  • Selectable auto / manual mode 


Application & Technical Specifications

  • Control for single phase (220 volts ac), single ON/OFF type switch operated pump sets up to 2 hp or 10 amps of current load.
  • Water sensors suited to raw (unprocessed) water within 5-50 degree Celcius temperature range.


Product Support Information

SensaSwitch Also Available On  AMAZON   I   FLIPKART   I   JIOMART

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