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SensaSwitch - Automatic Water Lifter Pump Control, Model AWLC

SensaSwitch - Automatic Water Lifter Pump Control, Model AWLC

SKU: SensaSwitch-AWLC

SensaSwitch AWLC works reliably to avoid water shortage and water wastage worries. It automatically pumps water up to overhead tank from lower or under ground tank, while monitoring water tank levels. It saves a lot of water, electricity and also saves pump from burnout due to dry running. It is absolute must for every sensible and smart home.

    • Main Control Function

      Automatic Water Lifter Control, starts pump when overhead is low and lower tank (sump) has sufficient water. It stops water pump when overhead tank reaches full level or lower tank becomes empty. It also has following special features

      • Auto / Manaul Selection Toggle mounted on right under side of control. Control works in auto mode when this toggle switch knob is towards AUTO (towards wall). On taking it away from auto (towards user) the control gets bypassed to allow full control to user.
      • Output Indicator mounted on left under side of control indicates output (neutral & phase) being supplied to motor. Glowing output indicator means power supply is going to motor through control.
    • Control Package Details

      1. Main Control Unit - for single switch operated 220 vac pump sets up to 3 Hp
      2. Wired Overhead Sensor Set - 35 meter 3 core copper signal wire connected
      3. Wired Lower/Sump Sensor Set - 10 meter 3 core copper signal wire connected
      4. Wiring Clips - a packet having about 100 wiring clips packaged in box
      5. Support Pages - easy to understand diagrams to install & connect control and water sensors
      6. Warranty Support - warranty details card for buyer records to be completed and shared by whatsapp to 98725 55314
    • How To Buy ?

      1. Buy Product Direct From This Website and get 2 years warranty on water sensors. Just add product to your cart and complete checkout through safe and secure razorpay payment gateway. We shall pack and dispatch order within 24 hours of receiving paid order.
      2. Buy Product With On Site Support, in select cities sensaswitch has ground support also. Please check with our whatsapp helpline 9872555314.  Or simply click here and share few contact details with your area/city, we shall guide further.
      3. Need To Consult Before Buying, yes sure. If you have any query or issue which need to be clarified, you are welcome to contact our expert whatsapp support at 9814055314. We shall be happy to share, the best we can.
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