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overflow control alarm combo showing alarm device, water sensors and signal wire roll

Overflow Alarm OCA Signal Wire Combo


SensaSwitch OCA is best selling overflow alarm across top ecom markets in India. It is rated and reviewed by thousands of buyers for being fully safe, reliable and easy to install. On buyers demand sensaswitch provides overflow alarm combo with specially sourced signal wire, to make sure buyers get best benfit of their overflow alarm. Overflow alarm OCA combo includes one alarm device, a set of water sensor and a signal wire roll.


SensaSwitch provides superior signal wire to save buyers from the hassle of finding good quality wire to enrure proper working of overflow control alarm or auto-stop device. Here is water sensor signal cable roll that ticks all boxes for users benefit. Combo includes


  • Overflow Control Alarm model - OCA, with water sensor set
  • Black sheathed two core cable, for long life in open wire laying 
  • 90 feet length, good enough for most of homes
  • Multistrand copper wires, for excellant connectivity of signal
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