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sensaswitch water tank overflow alarm with water sensor set

SensaSwitch - Water Overflow Alarm (Beep Sound), Model - OBS


SensaSwitch-OBS is a water tank overflow alarm which sounds a beep alarm to alert you when water tank reaches full level. It is provided with water tank level sensor set which needs no maintenance. Please click here to check special features and alarm sound type. Overflow alarm sound volume is fixed and good enough to be heard across a big home. 


Important Features

  • Completely safe, uses transformer supply for fool proof insulation from mains
  • Completely without maintenance, no need for periodic cleaning of water sensors
  • Loud Beep Alarm, (75-85 decibel), best for outdoor/large sites (volume fixed)
  • Very easy to install, needs only basic electrical know how and tools
  • One Year Warranty, from date of invoice by Manufacturer


Support Information


SensaSwitch Also Available On  AMAZON   I   FLIPKART   I   JIOMART

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