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sensaswitch water tank overflow alarm with 2 pc water sensor set

SensaSwitch - Water Overflow Alarm Plus - Model - OAP


SensaSwitch water overflow alarm plus, alerts you on water tank getting full. This sensaswitch overflow alarm has one special feature that using which user can adjust alarm volume. Please click here to check special features and sound type.


At full volume (80+dB) overflow alarm sound is good enough to be heard across a big home or up to 50 feet from alarm. At lowest volume alarm sound can be heard nearby device up to about 10 feet.


Important Product Features

  • Adjustable alarm sound level from high 85dB to Low 70 dB
  • Completely safe, uses transformer supply for foolproof insulation from mains
  • Completely maintenance free, no need for periodic cleaning of water sensors
  • Very easy to install, needs only basic electrical know how and tools


Product Support Information

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