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Dirty Water Sensor (10 feet, NO/NC)

Dirty Water Sensor (10 feet, NO/NC)


Dirty water sensor is for storm, severage and effluent waters. It has enclosed switch which can be chosen to operate as NO or NC at down and up level positions by using three wires provide as leads. The lead is about 10 feet in length. The switch signal rating is up to 300 miliamps. For safety reasons this sensor must be used with SensaSwitch main control box only in 5-50 degree Celcius temrature range.


Product Delivery & Payment Options

  • For fast delivery, please consider Express Mail Service (EMS India Post). Free shipping under India Post Parcel service takes 5-7 days to reach destination.
  • For fast payments processing, please consider paying by manual payment options available. Payments by Credit Card/ Debit Cards takes up to 72 hours (3days) to settle.
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