• Bhupinder Singh

Two Overflow Alarms For The Same Water Tank !!

Buyer was not happy with simple solution as he had only one pair of wires running up to water tank. He did not wanted to install another set of water sensors and signal wire. Actually buyer had unique demand but it was genuine one. He wanted two overflow alarms for same water tank .

You may wonder why should anybody install two overflow alarms for one water tank. Well buyers concern made sense, as he wanted one alarm in security room and one in his own flat. Most simple solution was to install two alarms in parallel as in diagram, with each water overflow alarm having its own set of water sensors in tank. This solution required two single pair wires or one two pair to run up to water tank as in diagram. Buyer was not willing to have hassle and expense of adding another set of water senors and another pair of wire.

To honor buyers wish another way of connecting water tank alarms was needed, which required only one pair of wires going up to water tank and only one set of water sensors in water tank. The way to do it required that water sensor set is connected in such a way to complete signal path for both the devices. That was done by configuring the water sensors with water overflow alarms to form a series as shown in diagram. One signal wire of each alarm was connected to one water sensor in water tank and other wire was joined with one signal wire of other overflow alarm. With this done both alarms sounded alarm when water sensors get dipped in water and stopped on any one sensor coming out of water. This solution fulfilled buyer need and he happily placed order. We were more than happy, to have lived up to buyers expectations.

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