The Answers You Need

Who will install?

Our products are so easy to understand, install and maintain, that any person with basic electrical knowledge and tools will be able to install it. Detailed documents and videos explaining installation, connection and testing further make it easy. Still have doubts ! just send text OIC by whatsapp to our helpline 9814055314, to check support information links.

What if device / sensor is defective?

Don't worry, simply follow warranty procedure for replacement/repair of defective device. We will not ask questions, we will simply replace your device/ sensor.

Which wire to use up to water tank?

For alarms, any two wires can be used but it will be better to use single pair, telephone signal cable of good make. For auto-stop or fully automatic devices two pair telephone wire should be used for open laid wiring.

Water sensors play a very important role in working and reliability of water sensing system. Water sensors are also exposed to high heat and humidity in water tanks. SensaSwitch water sensors are especially fabricated to work reliably over years while being in high heat and humidity. So its highly recommended that water sensors provided with product are used.

Why two sensors for water level alarms?

Two water sensors are sensor signal probes. When both sensor signal probes get dipped in water, sensing signal flows from one probe to second probe through water. This completes sensing circuit to activate alarm at desired level.

Why keep gap between water sensors?

We advise 1-2 inches gap between water sensors so that water sensors do not touch each other. This is to avoid false alarm due to water sensors touching each other during very high heat and humidity in water tank.

Why use water sensors

It is very easy to avail warranty. Step-1, share your order/ Invoice number with date, by whatsapp at our helpline 9814055314. You will get a warranty confirmation message with our address in it. Step-2Send the defective device back as parcel from post office and share post office receipt with us by whatsapp . We shall send replacement device within 1-2 business days, from your sharing the post office receipt.

Is replacement means "new" in warranty?

When a product in warranty becomes defective, sensaswitch offers to repair/ replace it. Repair means product will first come to SensaSwitch and then will be sent back after repairs. Whereas replacement means a similar (repaired tested ok unit of similar condition) device is lying ready with SensaSwitch when warranty claim is made. So instead of waiting for defective product to arrive, SensaSwitch pro-actively send replacement to buyer against the defective product. So replacement reduces warranty service time to half. Buyers appreciate this pro-active service by SensaSwitch.

How to avail warranty?