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India's Most Favored Water Level Alarms


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Full Range, Fully Safe & Reliable

Water Level Alarms

SensaSwitch offers best of water level alarms to help you save water and electricity. An overflow alarm will let you know when water tank is about to be full, while a low level alarm will let you know when your water tank is about to be empty. So basically it comes to be two (2) type of alarms - water tank overflow alarm and low water level alarm. But we actually offer three (3) type of water tank alarms, as below

  1. Overflow Control Alarm - OCA

  2. Low Water Level Alarm - LLA

  3. Overflow Alarm Plus - OAP


Water Pump Automation

Automation is to set you free. You may wish to go free after starting water pump or you may wish to be totally free. SensaSwitch offers just what you need. An overflow auto stop will stop water tank at tank full level, you will just need to start the pump. Fully automatic control will simply do it all, it will start pump automatically when water tank reaches low level and will also stop pump automatically at full level. Check

  1. Overflow Auto Stopper - OASC

  2. Auto Overhead Controller - AOLC

  3. Auto Water Lifter Control - AWLC


Water Level Sensors

Water sensors have to face the worst heat and humidity inside water tanks. And it is here where SensaSwitch gives its best. Especially fabricated water sensors work reliably over years without needing any maintenance or cleaning. For higher automations SensaSwitch provides ready to connect water sensor sets, which makes setting sensor level in water tank and connecting very easy. We provide

  1. Raw Water Sensor Sets

  2. RO/DM Water Sensors

  3. Dirty/ETP Water Sensors

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